About Us

The art of crafting fine writing instruments is our passion. Our desire is to give you, our client, the best experience in your writing journey. Through a journey of hardship, frustration, revelation, and perseverance we have come to produce some of the world’s best writing instruments. Some of the finest writing instruments have been used by the world’s rich and famous, now you can also be in the possession of a writing instrument that is world class.
All writing instruments are individually hand crafted with precision and excellence, our products are tested and packaged for customer satisfaction.

We supply occasional writing instruments, standard and customized writing instruments. Our high-end products are fabricated and shipped upon order. Standard products are usually available while custom orders have a lead time of 7-14 days allowing for the careful and meticulous fabrication depending on the nature of the order. We take your order seriously; therefore we cannot rush the creation of a masterpiece. We specialize in acrylic and wood finishes. Most of the woods are exotic woods sourced from Africa. An experience you cannot deny yourself.

Full Journey It all began in the town of Phoenix, Durban South Africa. Phoenix is residence to an Indian community who came as indentured laborers from Indian after the abolishment of slavery. I am the fourth generation of the indentured laborer’s that came to South Africa and grew up in Phoenix. While other kids in the neighborhood were riding BMX bicycles that came at premium price I was not as fortunate as my family could not afford one. My creativity led me to build a box cart from unwanted objects, scrap wood and pram wheels, with my one and only tool, a claw hammer. This was my version of rolling down the road. As my passion continued to grow, I began upgrading my box cart with brakes and steering mechanisms, bucket seats and other accessories. It was during this process that I discovered my passion for working with wood at the age of eight.

Many years have passed until I met a man, Dr Tich whom I refer to as my father; he recognized the gift and passion on the inside of me, and challenged me to further explore the God given gift. Dr Tich is a coach, mentor, father and pastor whom I respect for his input in my life. My desire is that more people must and should discover the talents and gifts within themselves. For all products sold on this site Avimax sponsors the work of Dr Tich for the mentorship of others to discover their gifts and talents. My passion led me to build fine furniture and couches. While making couches I decided to make unusual couch legs. It was during this process that I was introduced to woodturning and started making writing instruments. One writing instrument at a time now I have made countless writing instruments. I have made writing instruments for occasions, gifts, people from all walks of life.